Thursday, December 27, 2007


So we has a fun first today..Elliot was sitting in his highchair and playing with the bibs. I retrieved Henry and stuck him in his own chair. He reached over and grabbed a bib from Elliot. Much crying ensued. Elliot never completely recovered. He ate some delicious sweet potatoes and carrots, but had to go back to take a nap. It was the first time he was really upset about something Henry's done (or the first time I could tell!).

This video was taken last week, when we could still share, apparently. You can tell how exciting our day is from my narration...

Another first: Henry was eating an apple slice but kept dropping it.
He got upset (they had a pretty fussy day. sigh.), but I knew that he wanted his apple. I was able to fix it for him. I love that we're being able to communicate now. I hope that soon instead of being able to read them once or twice a day I'll be able to know what they're wanting more and more.

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