Thursday, December 06, 2007

No Rain Today!

Today we barely make it to Book Babies at the library. We'd never been before and we ran into a few other babies we know. I guess my mom's groups addiction is paying off. Poor boys were tired though and didn't have much fun. Maybe in a few months they will enjoy it :).

At home they took a two hour nap, which was great. I made a real dinner, which was a shock to both Mike and myself. Then I decided to go for round two with ginger cookies. I tried to make the fancy kind with crystallized ginger, but they still aren't spicy enough. I am going to pay big time in this quest - I'm going to be chunky and poor.

Babies are asleep, dogs are asleep. House is warm and I need to go to bed. Maybe after a cookie.

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Betsy said...

I just realized you have a blog! I'm going to enjoy reading this! Your boys look so snuggly and adorable.