Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goo Goo... Ga Ga... Blah Blah... Sense!

It's taken Henry and Elliot a bit of time to catch onto the whole talking-in-English thing. They've been adding a few honest word here and there, so I sat down and wrote them out today. They're a bit behind their peers, but not too far!

Elliot and Henry's Words at 17 Months, in order of appearance:
- quack like a duck instead of saying the word
- Fish (First word the boys would reliably repeat, in addition to identifying the fish when asked.)
- Apple (Henry's first "real" word. That is, a word that he didn't parrot back and say at our prompting. One day I opened up the refrigerator, he pointed to a peach and said "apple". Out of nowhere! I was so excited! Elliot picked it up soon after, so also his first real word.)
- Balloon
- dada
- papa (Mike gets two names and I get none.)
- baby (both picked this up in a few hours after I gave them baby dolls. I was surprised.)
- bye bye
- airplane
- banana
- mama (rarely and never on command)
- up (first word I felt like I've *taught* them.)
- all done (Kind of a word. Kind of mama-can-understand.)
- empty (Random. I didn't know we said "empty" a lot, but we must.)

- dog (dropped)
- light (dropped) Dog and light were the first hints that they could communicate!
- elephant
- bird (so cute! They do it wrong, but they try to chirp!)

Henry Only:
- flower. Sounds kind of like "wawa"
- more. pronounced "ma"
- will moo occasionally and always roar when asked what a cow and lion say

Elliot Only:
- ball. "do"
- more
- please
- all done

Monday, November 24, 2008

Notable Milestones

All met in month 17:

First crib escape: Henry
First big boy bed refusal: Elliot
First drinking out of the dog bowl, on hands and knees with face in bowl: Elliot
First turning a book around so it's right-side-up: Henry

Notes: Henry is doing great sleeping in his crib-turned-into-toddler-bed, Elliot promptly fell out and stood crying at the door. He's now sleeping in a pack-n-play wedged between the cribs. He'll take some naps in the bed, but seems to prefer the comfort of sides. The first night I was trying to comfort Elliot and was sitting on his bed holding him. Henry woke up, stumbled over in the dark, laid his head on my feet and fell asleep. It was so sweet.

I would post pictures, but I've misplaced the uploading cord. So if anyone who frequents my house happens to know where it is, please let me know!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Henry James

Henry, originally uploaded by crankyisgood.

My poor sister got saddled with my kids and someone else's kids when she was down visiting last weekend.

Someone else's kids who I said I'd watch, but then forgot I said I'd watch said kids. So she have my babes, one extra 16 month old and a wild three year old. A wild three year old who Elliot loves to copy.

Luckily Henry took a long nap and only woke up at the end of her sitting duty.

Sorry, sister!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I love about Elliot

* How when he was born I said, "That's a big baby!" as they whisked him across the room 6lbs, 2oz is not particularly big; I think I was more shocked that he was a real, honest human.
* I used to love his whirl of hair at the back of his head. It was so perfectly round. It still is, but now that he's got a decent head of hair I can't see it.
* I do love his curls, even though people say he has a mullet. (Written before Haircut 2008, of course).
* I love that Mike complains about Elliot's long hair every time I mention cutting it he objects. Strongly.
* I love his huge eyes. They were open from the first second of life and in his travel across the hospital room I could see how big and dark they where.
*I love that he pulls me all over the place by holding onto my finger. He can almost run, but it's so important to him that I see what he sees, that I help him with what he needs. Yes, it gets old, but it is sweet.
* I love that he chatters. His words are generally not in English, but he knows what he is talking about.
* I love his laugh.
* I love love love him in striped pajamas. I don't have any pictures but I will take some because he is amazingly adorable.
* I love that he is friendly. He is rarely shy or slow to get involved in activities.
* I (kind of) love that he figured out how to climb the slide today (it's all about not using the knees).

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things I love about Henry

* I love his sturdy little body. He's always been solid, even at six-nine.
* I love his dimples, so deep and so sweet.
* I love how big his mouth is. It's huge! He'll throw his head back and laugh; I think you can see all the way to China.
* I love when he says, "no, no, no". Even though it's coming back at me!
* I love how he's an easy teether. He just pops teeth out.
* I love that when he wakes up he likes to throw himself down in his crib and play peek-a-boo. Over and over!
* I love his soft hair. I love how dark it is.
* I love his husky voice. I hope it never changes.
* I love catching him in conversation with himself. He'll go on and on in Henryese. Then he'll look at me and keep on talking, as if I can understand him. Sometimes he speaks under his breath, lately he's been getting louder.
* I love how reserved he is. He'll stare at you until he decided you're okay. He did this to me when I first saw him after our Atlanta trip. He's cautious. He is safe in his actions.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

One Last Chicken and Lion Picture!

Here's the professional picture from Halloween.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Elliot, Elliot, What Do You See?

Elliot is surprised to see a friend from home!

"Woah, I know that guy!!!"