Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goo Goo... Ga Ga... Blah Blah... Sense!

It's taken Henry and Elliot a bit of time to catch onto the whole talking-in-English thing. They've been adding a few honest word here and there, so I sat down and wrote them out today. They're a bit behind their peers, but not too far!

Elliot and Henry's Words at 17 Months, in order of appearance:
- quack like a duck instead of saying the word
- Fish (First word the boys would reliably repeat, in addition to identifying the fish when asked.)
- Apple (Henry's first "real" word. That is, a word that he didn't parrot back and say at our prompting. One day I opened up the refrigerator, he pointed to a peach and said "apple". Out of nowhere! I was so excited! Elliot picked it up soon after, so also his first real word.)
- Balloon
- dada
- papa (Mike gets two names and I get none.)
- baby (both picked this up in a few hours after I gave them baby dolls. I was surprised.)
- bye bye
- airplane
- banana
- mama (rarely and never on command)
- up (first word I felt like I've *taught* them.)
- all done (Kind of a word. Kind of mama-can-understand.)
- empty (Random. I didn't know we said "empty" a lot, but we must.)

- dog (dropped)
- light (dropped) Dog and light were the first hints that they could communicate!
- elephant
- bird (so cute! They do it wrong, but they try to chirp!)

Henry Only:
- flower. Sounds kind of like "wawa"
- more. pronounced "ma"
- will moo occasionally and always roar when asked what a cow and lion say

Elliot Only:
- ball. "do"
- more
- please
- all done

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Nick and Autumn said...

Isn't it wonderful to see how they talk and sign? I love it when my boys signs and talk! It is just too cute! We have to get together. When is the next playgroup?