Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things I love about Henry

* I love his sturdy little body. He's always been solid, even at six-nine.
* I love his dimples, so deep and so sweet.
* I love how big his mouth is. It's huge! He'll throw his head back and laugh; I think you can see all the way to China.
* I love when he says, "no, no, no". Even though it's coming back at me!
* I love how he's an easy teether. He just pops teeth out.
* I love that when he wakes up he likes to throw himself down in his crib and play peek-a-boo. Over and over!
* I love his soft hair. I love how dark it is.
* I love his husky voice. I hope it never changes.
* I love catching him in conversation with himself. He'll go on and on in Henryese. Then he'll look at me and keep on talking, as if I can understand him. Sometimes he speaks under his breath, lately he's been getting louder.
* I love how reserved he is. He'll stare at you until he decided you're okay. He did this to me when I first saw him after our Atlanta trip. He's cautious. He is safe in his actions.


dadair said...

This is lovely, Lindsay. Henry will love reading this one day.

Ada said...

I'm pretty sure i'm all teary eyed now :) So Sweet! You should print that out and frame it and put them in their bedroom!