Thursday, September 02, 2010

Elliot's Totally Made-up Story

Oddly, there have been no time-outs for hitting recently that I know of. They made these puppets at playgroup, and I didn't think to follow up the next day to see if they had made up stories there.

Interestingly, I would have known this frowny puppet was Elliot's. He is less expressive with his emotions (ie - less prone to falling on the ground crying about sprinkles on his cereal than Henry), but is very interested in bad guys, hi-ya-ing, ghosts, monsters and their ilk. If anyone's going to talk about people going to jail (not video taped), being angry or "Mama, when grow into a man, I'll have a knife. But not a knife to cut people. A knife for cutting play-dough. Or I can use my knife for making(frosting) a cake," it's going to be Elliot.

And he's just as sweet as Henry. Henry loves 'nuggles more and tends to be more clingy, but Elliot is also loving, in a clowny way. Last week I was trying to take a snooze on the swing with Henry. Elliot leaned over and kissed my lips, like in Snow White he said. Hi-Ho is a favorite movie around here, so I'm just glad he'd rather play the role of prince rather than evil witch.