Monday, March 31, 2008

(don't tell anyone)

elliot slept from 11:20pm to 7:00am. the longest he's ever slept ever. please pray for a repeat and for this to rub off onto his baby brother.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick Babies

Both Elliot and Henry have been sick for the past week. They began coughing last Thursday after a book group at the library and haven't stopped. It's been pretty sad around here. I took them to the doctor on Tuesday just to be sure that their cold was normal, which was the first time they had an unscheduled visit! In the very beginning we went to get their blood checked because they were a bit jaundiced, and all other doctor appointments have been for the standard vaccination / healthy baby checks. The boys have been amazingly healthy, and I forget to be grateful for that! We know tons of kids that have had ear infections, but we've managed to skate right by the really bad illnesses. In addition to being breastfed, not attending daycare, and being full-term these babies come from pretty healthy stock! Mike and I are hardly ever sick, though when we get a cold it can hit pretty hard. It appears the boys are the same.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My (Belated) Birthday

We had such a nice time over the past few weeks. Last Thursday my dad came down to hang out with the boys and allow me to run a few errands on Friday. They had a good time spending the day together! Saturday night we celebrated our birthdays with a fancy dinner of lamb and german chocolate cake. Of course I burnt the first batch of pecans, so the frosting was less nutty then it should have been (though I thought it was pretty good!). It was great to see grandpa again!

On Sunday Mike and I went to the last of a class that we were taking. My mom watched the boys are her house. I think that Elliot had a great time crawling after Tiggy. It was a weekend full of grandparents. It's fun leaving the boys because they are so excited when we return. Every night when Mike gets home Elliot and Henry go nuts! This photo was taken in the morning, when the boys watch Mike getting ready to go to work each day.

On my birthday the weather was fairly mild so I took the babies outside for an Easter photo shoot. I was hoping to get a good picture of the two of them. Turns out that they were much more interested in putting the plastic easter eggs in their mouths than posing.

Luckily the day was saved by a friend who bought cupcakes and taught us to sign "Happy Birthday" with our babies. It's been quite some time since I've been sung to! Later that night Shannon came over and put the boys to bed while Mike and I went to a fancy dinner. I didn't figure out what I wanted as presents, so Mike bought fancy sheets for the bed. I can't wait to get them all washed and make the bed. I love clean sheet night! It turned out to be a pretty great birthday weekend!


The post button seems to have a mind of it's own. I guess that's enough for now.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Slow News Week

Man, Elliot and Henry have been very clingy and fussy these past two weeks. Every afternoon they crawl over to me and climb onto my lap. Considering how big they're getting it's a struggle over real estate. Not only are they standing on my legs, but they're also crying! Oh, it's so tiring. Once they're in bed I don't want to think too much about them, hence the lack of posts.

In addition, I'm gearing up to co-facilitate a therapy group, which is a huge gear change for my poor brain. I'm trying to read some non-fluff books and arrange for the boys to be watched while we screen group members. Just thinking about childcare for anything more than little bits and spurts is crazy-making. Hopefully I'll be motivated to take some video of the boys soon!