Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick Babies

Both Elliot and Henry have been sick for the past week. They began coughing last Thursday after a book group at the library and haven't stopped. It's been pretty sad around here. I took them to the doctor on Tuesday just to be sure that their cold was normal, which was the first time they had an unscheduled visit! In the very beginning we went to get their blood checked because they were a bit jaundiced, and all other doctor appointments have been for the standard vaccination / healthy baby checks. The boys have been amazingly healthy, and I forget to be grateful for that! We know tons of kids that have had ear infections, but we've managed to skate right by the really bad illnesses. In addition to being breastfed, not attending daycare, and being full-term these babies come from pretty healthy stock! Mike and I are hardly ever sick, though when we get a cold it can hit pretty hard. It appears the boys are the same.

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