Sunday, March 02, 2008

Slow News Week

Man, Elliot and Henry have been very clingy and fussy these past two weeks. Every afternoon they crawl over to me and climb onto my lap. Considering how big they're getting it's a struggle over real estate. Not only are they standing on my legs, but they're also crying! Oh, it's so tiring. Once they're in bed I don't want to think too much about them, hence the lack of posts.

In addition, I'm gearing up to co-facilitate a therapy group, which is a huge gear change for my poor brain. I'm trying to read some non-fluff books and arrange for the boys to be watched while we screen group members. Just thinking about childcare for anything more than little bits and spurts is crazy-making. Hopefully I'll be motivated to take some video of the boys soon!


dadair said...

Those boys are just sayin' "We want grandpa to get here, pronto!"

Kari said...

Hey Lindsay,
Ran into your dad on a flight and he gave me your blog info. WOW, looks like a ton of fun with your beautiful boys. Try me at when/(IF!) you have time to catch up.

Daphne said...

hi! I love you and miss you guys.