Monday, November 10, 2008

Things I love about Elliot

* How when he was born I said, "That's a big baby!" as they whisked him across the room 6lbs, 2oz is not particularly big; I think I was more shocked that he was a real, honest human.
* I used to love his whirl of hair at the back of his head. It was so perfectly round. It still is, but now that he's got a decent head of hair I can't see it.
* I do love his curls, even though people say he has a mullet. (Written before Haircut 2008, of course).
* I love that Mike complains about Elliot's long hair every time I mention cutting it he objects. Strongly.
* I love his huge eyes. They were open from the first second of life and in his travel across the hospital room I could see how big and dark they where.
*I love that he pulls me all over the place by holding onto my finger. He can almost run, but it's so important to him that I see what he sees, that I help him with what he needs. Yes, it gets old, but it is sweet.
* I love that he chatters. His words are generally not in English, but he knows what he is talking about.
* I love his laugh.
* I love love love him in striped pajamas. I don't have any pictures but I will take some because he is amazingly adorable.
* I love that he is friendly. He is rarely shy or slow to get involved in activities.
* I (kind of) love that he figured out how to climb the slide today (it's all about not using the knees).


Ada said...

Elliot is SUPER Cute in his stripped jammies! and those big brown eyes...ahhh... So cute... SO CUTE! I just love them... love love love them!

lindsay said...

auntie ada, me and henry and elliot are so lucky to have you to love on us so much!!! lylas!

Daphne said...

Little E is so good at climbing and pitching his body weight over the edges of things to get out. I won't be too surprised if he gets out of the crib first!