Saturday, December 01, 2007

Go Beavs!

Poor Ducks went from #2 in the country to crap real quick.

I almost feel sorry for them.

Can you tell what we did today? We watched football and snoozed. It was glorious. I know it's going to be a pretty nice day when I shower and then put on sweats.

Notable Moments:
* Henry took a two hour nap, after settling himself back to sleep after 30 minutes!
* Elliot and I took two little naps together on the couch - so warn and snuggly!
* Mike and I held the babies to look out the window at the snow this morning. They didn't seem impressed?!?
* Henry took a shower with me this morning, which is so much more efficient then using the silly baby tub. I think he even liked it!

EA is not sleeping, which is understandable considering that he's been napping on my chest today. Who would want to sleep in a crib after that? Must tend to him.

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