Friday, November 30, 2007

Monkey Babies

Fridays are my favorite day ~ I have three playdates to choose from. Today we went to the twin group in Vancouver and then my favorite mom's group at the hospital. It's a great way to spend Friday. The week seems so long sometimes, thank goodness I'm distracted toward the end.

* Henry showed off his awesome yoga and crawling skills. It's fun to have a party trick!
* Elliot was a snuggle butt all day, wanting mama love
* bedtime was a snap, and when Henry woke up inconsolable 90 minutes later I took him to bed with me for love nap. So we were both happy!
* Mike and I played nice all night
* Oh, and I talked to the nurse/moderator of the hospital group about starting my private practice. It got me really thinking about getting ready to get back to work! Last weekend Mike mentioned that I couldn't go back to work full time (This was in response discussing daycare costs), which means not pursuing an agency job. I think may be a good choice for all of us!

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