Monday, November 26, 2007

Ah, The Happiness

My lord, are things going nicely! So on Sunday we read the paper and fed the babies. They took two real naps, which was totally unusual and awesome.

Why today was great:
* babies slept in late - I didn't get out of bed until NINE!
* Henry showed me that he was tired and then SLEPT!
* Elliot went down for a nap 15 minutes after Henry and also slept!
* I took a shower without a baby crying - I'm not sure that's ever happened (while I've been home alone)!
* I dropped off the stuff of my brother's that's been in my basement
* I picked up my diploma - I guess I'm all ready for the world of work!
* I made peas for the babies - not a big hit. I'm gonna try them again tomorrow.
* Bedtime was perfect...I think that they're not feeling well with all the sleeping :(

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