Friday, December 21, 2007

Bad Blogger

So much time has passed and a lot of fun stuff has happened. Good stuff makes mama tired!


* Last Friday Henry cut his bottom teeth. They came out of nowhere, for which I am very thankful! They are like little razor blades, but he hasn't figured out how to use them yet. Phew.

* On Tuesday Elliot pulled his whole tummy off the ground! Hopefully he'll figure out how to get onto his hands and knees before Henry starts walking.

* Henry is seriously crawling! It actually isn't that exciting as now I can't leave him alone anywhere. Yesterday I ran out of the room to get the camera and by the time I got back into the room he was missing! I had to get into the room and look around for him, only to find him under the changing table! I have a photo to post.

* We went to IKEA to buy highchairs on Tuesday. It makes lunch so much better. They're super easy to clean and the boys can get as messy as they want. Yesterday Elliot was sopping wet!

* Yesterday Auntie Debbie came over with her girls. Auntie Shannon came over, too. The girls has fun washing the dogs and later we make chocolate chip cookies. Katie kept telling me that her mom usually buys the dough. And that she never lets Katie crack the eggs in the bowl. For a 5 year old she has a lot to talk to her therapist about!

* We're getting ready for Christmas. People are coming over on Sunday for the holiday. It will be fun to show the boys off, though that mean I really need to clean :(

At almost 6 months the boys have eaten:
rice cereal
sweet potatoes
acorn squash
apple sauce

That's enough for now! Pictures forthcoming!

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Emily said...

They are SO adorable. Happy holidays!