Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An Enthusiastic Homecoming

I received a warm welcome from Willie and Bianca upon our return from Atlanta. You know who didn't seem to care that we were back?


Mike and I went on vacation and gave the babies a week at camp. Camp = Auntie Debbie's house. Debbie sent me lots of pictures of the boys having a great time playing at the park, feeding each other and eating popsicles. I thought it would kill me to be away from them for five nights (as I hadn't ever been separated from them for more than a handful of hours), but we all did great. Debbie claims to have photos of their adventure, but I think she's going to hoard them all. So instead here are a handful of Georgia pictures.

My dinner in Savannah. Savannah is a 4 hour drive from Atlanta, where we landed. We hopped right into the rental car and started driving. It took forever to get to the coast, and the whole way we were regretting the choice. Until we (er, I) found out that we can drink beer on the streets. Mike was mortified that I took a photo of my meal, but it was so awesome looking, and even better tasting. Those are baby back ribs, sweet potato fries and gouda scalloped potatoes. I set the gouda potatoes aside because they weren't spectacular and I had other items to deal with. Did I mention that we were watching the OSU/USC game at the same time? A FANTASTIC night!

Houses in Savannah. The greenish one was listed for $3 million a few years ago, but we could probably afford a garage that's still in the historic district.

A sign by this bridge says "HILTON HEAD". I suggested we drive there so we can claim to be all upper class, but all the resorts are private and we didn't get to see the ocean. Lame-o. We did drive up to Atlanta on the "Doc Hollywood" route; two lane state highways that wound through tiny towns.

Mike and I like to eat at regional chains when we travel. We finally made it to a Waffle House, thank goodness! They are all over freeway exits and we choose a great one; the head waitress hollered a bit while we were there and bossed everyone around. I wouldn't want to fill the shakers wrong if I worked there! I had my second Waffle House meal all planned out, but we didn't get back to one. I would have taken a picture, but as I reached into my purse for something (not the camera) Mike insisted that I behave. We were at the bar at nine at night; we stood out enough without me flashing around.

These last few pictures are of Stone Mountain, outside of Atlanta. That's a fancy carving of the heroes of the War of Northern Aggression.


Daphne said...

Dang, I'm glad you took a picture of your dinner. It looks fantastic. Good thing I can picture the waffle house now or you'd have to go back.

I think the babies were trying to maintain their street cred in not freaking out with joy upon your return. The dogs, on the other hand, are slavish servants with no sense of shame so can fall all over themselves.

dadair said...

Daphne has it all wrong. The boys know they're entitled, whereas the dogs figure they have to suck up to the humans in order to perpetuate their cush existence.

It must be a great feeling to know they can survive without you for a few days (and vice versa). Maybe that's one bennie of having twins; they have a built-in security blanket in each other.

Nick and Autumn said...

Looks like you had a great trip! i know how it is being away from the babies. Nick and I went to Seattle for 3 days without the boys. Tell everyone I said Hi!

L&LD said...

Waffle House is so overrated. Unfortuntely I promised to take Sarah if we're ever south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Shannon said...

I like the pic of you in front of the Chicken Depot sign the bestest...