Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby E's First Haircut

I cut Elliot's hair this morning, and I think I'm going to outsource the job from now on.

First I combed it out so it looked horrible to insure that I would actually cut it.

A side view of the rat's nest.

Of course I had to wet it for cutting and you can see all the curls trying to spring back to life. I knew I had to cut now while I had the good scissors out; if I chickened out I would come after him with the dull kitchen shears one morning after an oatmeal smearing.

"Oh no, mama! I look so preppy in this polo shirt and country club regulation hair cut. And where did these ears come from???"

"Lady, how am I going to show my face at Story Time when you did this to the back of my head?" Poor boy, it looks worse in person.

This delightful curl used to be on my baby's head.

But so did this:

Probably a good thing we cut it.


Darcy said...

I think he looks cute with the cut and not necessarily preppy; I also understand wanting to cut it, as I can see that my guy is starting to go in the random length and shortness direction, complete with curls that are destined to be matted... and yet, the single lonely severed curl makes me feel a little weepy.

Please Press Pause said...

His haircut looks great! Jules is growing himself a mullet that I know I'm going to have to snip at some point - it gets so messy in the back like E's and no amount of conditioner seems to help the matted mess.

Ada said...

Today has been super bad at work, so this blog totally just made it so much better :) i can't wait to see him tonight!

Daphne said...

Seth now wants to know if everything I'm casting on is a hat for a child who just had a haircut. Sadly, not everything is, but at least one will be!

Ross said...

Lindsay -

I absolutely LOVE the commentary. What great photos and a great keepsake.