Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Harvest

Babies' first corn on the cob. Henry likes it, Elliot does not. My favorite part is how when Henry chomps down it sounds just like when a grown-up takes a big bite!

Also, in that first picture where Henry's looking not so happy? An expression I see many times a day!


Daphne said...

hi cuties. i like the new blog background, too!

lindsay said...

Mike hated the other background, so I changed it for him. ;)

I hope I'm firmly in the "hip" category now that I have a bird on my blog.

Ada said...

I just want to note that in general, Henry eats everything like a big boy... especially Chicken wings while watching Chinese TV :) And Elliot loves cookies...and will stop crying once he gets a cookie :)

lindsay said...

It will be great when it starts to rain and they can watch more Chinese games shows on mondays! And Elliot had his first pure candy the other day; Nate tried to give Henry an M&M so he would stop crying and Elliot gobbled it up! That boy likes sweets! Henry refused to eat it.