Monday, January 07, 2008

Elliot at 6 months, Two weeks

(super sloppy midnight post)

Is somehow creeping around the room. It's not noticeable until his is no longer where I set him. He can turn in circles, but doesn't seem interested in moving toward toys.

Is picking his tummy off the floor, and when he's in his crib he will strain his neck way up high to try to see over the edge (Henry was doing this about 6 weeks ago before he started getting onto his hands and knees). Elliot is crafty, though, and will pull the bumper down to peer out into the room!

Two days ago he began making a wheezing noise sometimes when he inhales. He's doing it on purpose, and it makes me laugh.

Tonight he ate a huge amount of rice cereal, applesauce, squash and carrot. He's been asleep for FIVE HOURS. I am going to start hosting a nightly baby dinner. First on the agenda: Getting Henry to eat heartily. This is going to be key to me getting fours hours of sleep in a row.

We have a fun week ahead: signing group tomorrow, playgroup in Tuesday, loose plans for playing on Thursday and lots of stuff on Friday. Maybe there should be some house cleaning in there somewhere!

When cribs were waiting for occupants:


Daphne said...

Elliot!!! Stop looking at me like that. I will be right there, promise.

It's crazy how much I love these babies.

sonomajoe said...

Yes, yes, yes. Daphne is so right. Amazing how these guys worm their way right into your heart.

BTW, Lindsay, did you mean signing group or singing group? And who's doing the signing or the singing?