Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve's Eve

After being stuck at home for a few days in a row, I had to get us out. I walked the boys over to Brittanie & Nate's house a few blocks away. Because we were sled-less I had to carry them both. My arms were so tired by the time we got there!

We ended up sledding down their hill on a garbage can lid. The boys really weren't sure about it at first, but then they asked for more! Nate pulled out their wagon and we tried to get a good picture of everyone. I'll bet Brittanie has a photo of everyone smiling.

Cody is three weeks older than Henry and Elliot.

Jake's telling Elliot, "Is okay, baby. Okay."

Cody was not sure about being in the cold.

Here's a video of Nate sacrificing himself for smiles. The boys were ready to head inside where it was warm!

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