Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Property Damage Control

The boys are well (yay!) and hell-bent on destroying whatever they come across (not yay). Today at a friend's house we had to remove two shelves and one plant from their living room due to my boys' "focus" on these objects. I gotta tell you, it's hard taking them places now! At home I know what where they're going to go; I can look at their little faces and just read their minds. Outside of home there are other babies, other books, other curtains...lost of stuff to meddle in!

I love our Tuesday group because we've known each other since our babies were very young. The other moms have no problems releasing Henry's little hand from a cord he's found or extracting Elliot from the corner where he's holed himself up with a magazine he's tearing up. By the time we're home we're all exhausted (and I bet everyone else is as well)!

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