Friday, April 04, 2008

The Price of Being a Braggart

things I want RIGHT NOW:

Coffee cake
A super warm sunny day...with no babies crying
a massage
a nest to curl up in

Elliot and I made a visit to Urgent Care on Wednesday because he have a fever of 104.6. Last week Mike had me take the boys to the doctor because they had a cold. I humored him, though I knew they would have to suffer through. Fevers freak me out though, so I called the nurse on call right then and she had me bring him in. Of course the ibuprofen I gave him shortly before we left home kicked in about two hours, while we were still sitting in the waiting area. Silly boy went from shaking to bouncing on the chair looking at the people behind us. I think he was having a ball because we left home at 6:30 (with bedtime being at 7pm) and he was still up. Lucky little boy! By the time we got back to see the doctor he was feeling crummy again, which may hint at how long we were there. Lucky boy quickly became unlucky when he got catheterized, which went okay. After that the little monkey needed a blood draw. They tried the right arm, to no avail. They moved on to the left, were they stuck the needle in, found no vein and then proceeded to play chase the vein. It was horrible. About when they were about to give up I called it and decided that no blood drawn was really necessary. They agreed, though the head nurse did eye the veins in his head longingly.

On Thursday his fever was back, but only 103.3. I gave him the magical ibuprofen, which broke the fever about two hours later. We had a follow up visit schedule with the back up pediatrician that afternoon, where his fever was much lower. It keeps creeping down, and through today it's been a-okay. I think my first-born is on the mend. He's been a clingy little monkey the past couple of days, which is kind of nice. When the babies were little I would care for one, put him down and tend to the other. When the second was cared for I would put him down and then take care of myself. I've never spent much time snuggling with either baby, which I've been able to do a little this week.

I'll be happy when we're all rested and well, though!

(0f course, Henry's been unhappy with his cold, too.)


dadair said...

I know where you can get a massage ... ;-)

I'm sorry to hear the boyz have been feeling unwell, especially that fever thing; it is awful.

Daphne said...

From here, where I can't hear the screaming, they are nothing but cute.