Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camera Phone Photos from the Julys of My Life

I was finally able to download all my cell phone pictures from the last 2 years. I have pictures spanning three Junes and three Julys. Where does the time go?

Newborns are funny looking monkeys.

Henny, 10 Days Old

Elliot 13 Days Old

Penny-Poo, 22 Days Old

EA 24 Days Old

HP 26 Days Old

One Day Shy of 1 Month - Eye-ya

32 Days Old

12 Months

24 Months:

I was trying to distract Henry in the middle of a tantrum. It didn't work.


Shannon said...

a) I just figured out how to post comments on your blog. very exciting.
b) I can't believe how little they were and how big they are now. sigh. must come visit.

lindsay said...

It's a big jump from less than one month to one year, eh? Next week...friday???

Rachel said...

Wow! What a sprint down memory lane that must have been! It amazes me how much they can change in a year. It's like they're practically a different species between birth and one.