Thursday, June 04, 2009

Almost Two Means...


The week started off okay. Then there was Tuesday. Yesterday was a super challenge with Henry refusing everything: clothing, carseat, food, sleep. Today was also full of fits and frustrations.


Please let tomorrow be easier.


Staci said...

I am hoping that tomorrow is 100% better! You have sure had your fare share of "hard times" with the boys. Keep your head up, whatever is going on will pass, right?!?
Sending great wishes for a SUPER FRIDAY!

lindsay said...

You'd better hope that tomorrow is a good day, otherwise you're going to regret the zoo trip!

dadair said...

I told Mike last weekend that I hadn't seen any signs of the Terrible Twos. Spoke a little too soon, I guess. I'm sure you'll have them whipped into shape for the Bday party, though.

Joy & Surprise said...

Oh dear....this is the stuff as a naive almost-parent that I totally fear. Hope he's back to his sweet, happy self & that the "no" phase passes quickly.

Autumn said...

Wow!!! I know the feeling! My boys are doing that especially Tristan... so I try to get them out more often and it does help but end of the day I am always worn out.

I just turned my blog private so shoot me an email at so I can add you and the other mom in the playgroup to my list so they can view it anytime.

What happened to the playgroup?

Tina Morton said...


This is Tina, the girl that worked with your mother for so many years at KB. This is so great to see! I love love all the videos!!! Your boys say so much! They are very cute! Keep up the updates!