Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Zoo!!!

My buddy Staci and I took our kids to the zoo last week when the weather was so springy! Initially we had Maya and Elliot walk on leashes and Henry was contained. I eventually swapped Henry and Elliot, but Henny knew that the way to travel was to be pushed in Maya's stroller. It was great for M&E to run around, test limits (they could only go as far as the leash allowed), learn to walk with crowds and how to navigate stroller/pedestrian spaces. Elliot loved the bats, and Henry was pretty happy with everything. Elliot and I took some time to check out the big machinery they were using to build the new lion exhibit (but that video will come later).

Elliot, Henry

Maya. Elliot & Henry. Henry isn't really that much taller than Elliot.

Henry, Elliot & Maya


Staci said...

Love the pictures! I KNOW we will be spending lots of time at the zoo this spring/summer. I am sorry that you couldn't make it yesterday. Hopefully next year. Happy Easter!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Hi! I followed a fellow friend's blog to some more twin blogs, and found yours! You & I met a few times at Twin Group at the hospital. I'm Shelly & I have Logan and Jack. How are you?

Darcy said...

I'm interested in how those leashes are working out. Every time I take the kids out now that the snow has finally melted I think about that story where one of yours went towards a pond and the other towards the street- am I remembering that right? Does it feel weird using them the first time? Have you gotten any comments? Does it make life a million times easier and less stressful?

lindsay said...

Darcy, I think the leashes are going to work well for us. I bought another like Maya's for Henry and he is happy to wear it. These kids are just too excitable to be allowed to have too much freedom! No negative comments yet; Staci had an incident at the mall, but she can share that story if she'd like :)