Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good Bye, January!

I took the month off of blogging because...well because it was a cranktastic month. Henry began throwing tempter tantrums. Illness set in mid-month. It started as a cold, and over the course of a month it turned into a real, green snot cold and now (as of Tuesday) the first ear infection. Sigh.

The good news:
Henry talks! Real, honest talking. Two word phrases, random words that I have no idea where he's heard them...mirror, wallet (today while standing on the dining room table holding my wallet), lots and lots of awesome things! It is so much fun, and really is my favorite time so far.

Elliot hasn't thrown any tantrums yet!

My friend's sister-in-law is watching the boys while I'm working. It is so great to have a reliable mom take care of the three boys (she brings her little one who is 6 weeks younger than H&E). It's fantastic that I know the boys are being well taken care of.


Mad said...

Oh, my goodness, your boys are adorable. I love the animal sounds and the random words. I'm going to replay this for Milo to see if he can translate some of the babble - Henry is speaking his language!

Daphne said...

Thank goodness you posted a video so we will recognize your amazing children when we visit!!!!

Do my eyes deceive me or is Elliot still wearing socks I knitted?