Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What an Amazing Boy!

I've documented Elliot's fussiness, his teething, his crummy sleep. I am so happy the I can report what an amazing little baby he is! He caught a little cold over the weekend and was pretty cranky again Monday. I got a fun surprise when I went to get him up from his afternoon nap that day. He wasn't sleeping and had fussed for about 20 minutes. I went in to grab him and he was peering over the side up on his knees! He saw me and started beaming! He was so proud of himself! Mike came home and lowered his crib so he could sleep safely, but of course I ended up having to hold him most of the night as he was having trouble breathing when laying flat.

A number of times today (Tuesday) he's pulled up onto his knees again, still seeming in awe of this new skill. He woke up a bit ago and was crying to be fed. I gave him a few minute to see if he would return to sleep, but no dice. I got the surprise of my life when he was standing at the front of the crib waiting for me! Yay Elliot!!!

Okay, I may have been more surprised when I found out there were two babies coming, but I wasn't expecting standing today!
ETA: This morning (Wednesday)he's been pulling up like crazy! His feet are about a mile apart and the balance thing needs to be worked on, but he's on his way!

**It was really hard to get a picture of just how happy he was. Pleased as pudding.

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Daphne said...

I knew he was working on this but didn't realize he was so close! He was pulling against objects a lot on Sunday but didn't have the concept of getting his legs under him at all then. Go Elliot!!